Backup Pictures and store movies/music best solution on 2 disks

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    • Backup Pictures and store movies/music best solution on 2 disks


      I have an acer easyStore H340 with 2 x 2 TB harddisk and Windows WHS v1.0. (Windows Home Server = WHS)
      I am thinking to change the OS to OpenMediaVault, so I am thinking how to deal with my data.

      In WHS I have 2 logical volumes: C: and D: ==> C= system disk = 20 GB and D= Data disk = 1,8 TB
      WHS uses a Volume Group to create this setup.

      in WHS I can say which folders I want to have duplicated (like for example the photo's folder) so this folder is on both Harddisks,
      for in case one of the disk is broken.
      The other folders (like Movies) are just for storage as network disk and is not important if it is lost when a disk breaks/fails.
      and these other folders are spread over the 2 disks by the Volume Group.

      I have about:
      1200 GB x 2 = 2400 GB in duplicated files
      400 GB network share files (no duplication needed)
      800 GB Free space

      Can I create the same situation with Raid and/or LVM of with another solution?
      I believe don't realy nead Raid, but I need a backup solution for just a couple of folders, but I must be sure these
      folders are backed up to the other disk, and cannot be on the same disk. I tried to find an anwer, but did not find it,
      that's why I posted this thread.

      The system could be running on a USB harddisk, so the 2 disks are completely available for storage.

      Question: Can I create a situation with 2 Harddisk, where some folders are backed up on both disks and the other folders
      are divided over the 2 disks, just for network storage? If the answer is yes, what is the best/cheapest, easiest way to do it?

      Thanks in advance for the help


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    • I have been searching and searching and would like to respond to my own question with another idea.

      A possible sollution I have found just now:
      First 2 TB disk stays as one partition
      second 2 TB disk will become 2 partitions: Partition 1: 1300 GB backup space, Partition 2: 700 GB storage.

      With LVM I will make 1 pool with the first disk 2T + 700 GB from the second disk.
      And with rsync I will copy/sync/backup the data to the second disk.
      If one disk will break, the important data is on the other disk. Only the not important data will be lost.
      This way I do not have to use RAID and keep the solution simple.

      Please let me know if this is a right conclusion or not, and if not, what a better solution would be.

      Pieter :)