'cannot start dirty degraded array'

    • OMV 2.x
    • 'cannot start dirty degraded array'

      Hey guys,

      I've been running a Raid6 +1 spare for quite some time now and everything was running fine.
      The other day I went to go install a new disk and expand the array. Everything worked as per norm until it hit about 10% then my system hung completely.

      The system wasn't booting into the OS, and once I plugged a screen in I saw:

      Main: recovering journal
      task md0_raid6:404 blocked for more than 120 seconds".

      To me, it seemed like it must have been a dodgy disk, so I removed it and the OS booted. However now my system isn't showing the raid array.
      I did some investigating and I've found this

      Syslog says:
      md0: Reshape will continue
      MD0: cannot start dirty degraded array

      mdadm --examine says:

      Raid Level : raid6
      Raid Devices : 7
      Device Role : Active device 4
      Array State : AAAAAAA ('A' == active, '.' == missing

      as well as:

      Reshape pos'n : 1748454400 (1667.46 GiB 1790.42 GB)
      Delta Devices : 1 (6->7)

      So it looks like my raid array isn't showing up because it was cut-off mid resizing and is waiting on the new disk so it can continue, but then when I plug the disk back in my system hangs again when 'recovering journal'.

      Any ides on what I can do to stop this reconstruction and make it recover the array?
      Something in the startup logs said "Consider --force" but I can't find it in the log viewer.