OMV-GUI - make nginx config changes persistent

    • OMV 3.x
    • Resolved
    • by defaults, omv redirect all host to admin page (that means,, will be redirected to web gui)

      if you want to add virtual host such as (such as,
      use omv-nginx plugin to add virtual host

      if you don't have plan to add virtual host but change web gui address for admin page
      add OMV_NGINX_SITE_WEBGUI_SERVERNAME="" in /etc/default/openmediavault
      (why this works?, see here)
      OMV3 on Proxmox
      Intel E3-1245 v5 | 32GB ECC RAM | 4x3TB RAID10 HDD
      omv-zfs | omv-nginx | omv-letsencrypt | omv-openvpn
      Click link for more details
    • I'm sorry to dig this up, but the title of this thread is exactly what I am looking for.

      The question above stands, even if the OT didn't need it for THAT..

      How do I make changes to the nginx config that do not vanish every now and again?
      (in my case I want the gui to listen to ipv6 and I haven't found another way to make that happen than to change openmediavault-gui.)