Shutdown of system during copying documents to NTFS HDD via USB

    • OMV 2.x
    • Resolved

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    • Shutdown of system during copying documents to NTFS HDD via USB

      Dear All,

      basically I made now my first experiences with OMV and also with Linux :) due I want to exchange my whole Wind*** infrastructure to Linux based systems.

      My first project is to set up a NAS system with Banana Pro and OMV with following SW configuration:
      OMV Version 2.2.13
      Prozessor ARMv7, rev4
      Kernel: 3.4.108+
      I still know that NTFS formatted HDD are not recommanded for using at Linux environments, but at the moment I have some free space issues due I can not park all data at the moment on a separat disk.

      Anyhow I connected and mounted my 250GB Hitachi HDD via USB to the Banana and released access to it also via FTP.
      Then I wanted to copy data from my Synology NAS direct to the HDD at the Banana. Therefore I established a direct remote connection from the synology to the Banana via FTP. Then I started to copy some media files.
      After one or two minutes the Banana turned off without any notification.
      I tried the mentioned procedure several times with same results.

      Due that I decided to connect the HDD via SATA to the Banana and tried to copy the files again with the Synology NAS. With success :)

      Then I tried again to connect the HDD to USB and the Banana shut down without any notification.

      My question is now how I can check if there is any log available which references to this behavior?
      I would appreciate if somebody can give me a hint or introduction how I can figure out this?

      Kindly Regards,
    • Thank you for your feedback. I will try again the set-up with USB connection again, but using the second power supply I have.

      The current setup was:
      o) test case with USB connection:
      - Power supply Banana with 5V/2.4A
      - HDD connected via USB/SATA adapter and own power supply for HDD
      0) test case with eSATA connection:
      - Power supply Banana with 5V/2.0A (other type as for test case 1)
      - HDD connected via power supply connector from Banana for 2.5" HDD
    • Hello,
      I made several tests with different kind of USB power supplies and I can confirm that the described issue above was related to a weakness issue of the first power supply I used.

      Therefore I can not recommend following power supply:

      I can recommend following devices, where my configuration worked well:

      Thanks for your input Wolf2000.