Custom NAS advice

    • Custom NAS advice

      I'm putting together a custom NAS box from parts lying around with a goal of using it for file share, Plex or Emby, NZBs, torrenting and possible owncloud/nextcloud use. I'd like to use a USB to boot instead of buying an SSD plus allowing an extra drive, would using USB 2.0 have any impact on performance? What would be a ideal raid config? ZFS, Snapraid, or RAID5/6? Have to use an HBA because board have four SATA ports and only two are SATA III. Plus recommended plugins would be nice to know before jumping in to this. Looking for advice primarily and/or something I should watch out for.

      CPU - E3-1220v1
      Mobo - Intel S1200kp
      RAM - 16GB ECC RAM
      HDDs - 6 HGST 3TB
      HBA - Dell 310 flashed IT mode
      Case - Fractal Node 304
      PSU - 250-300 PSU
    • recommended plugin
      omv-flashmemory for usb boot
      usb 2.0 would affect long boot delay

      but I think ssd is better
      why? because you can install mysql for owncloud on ssd

      I recommend ZFS rather than linux raid
      because of bitrot protection, more flexible configuration, snapshot

      ZFS vs snapraid + union filesystem
      hmm it depends on..
      if you can buy multiple disks at once
      (2 for mirror, 3 for raid 5, 6 for raid 6)
      then zfs
      buy one by one
      then snapraid + union

      raid configuration
      3 disk raid 5
      6 disk raid 6
      all miror…fs-for-your-home-nas.html

      yeah many people says no raid 5
      but it is not bad acually
      there is debate for this topic reddit/datahoarder check about it

      no need to hba unless need more sata port since sata 2 alreday saturate hdd full speed
      OMV3 on Proxmox
      Intel E3-1245 v5 | 32GB ECC RAM | 4x3TB RAID10 HDD
      omv-zfs | omv-nginx | omv-letsencrypt | omv-openvpn
      Click link for more details