My HP ML350 G6

    • My HP ML350 G6

      So this will be my thread about my build. I'm pretty new to the community and to linux but am willing to learn, especially since I am kinda done with windows on the server side of things. So while deployed I found an HP Proliant ML350 on ebay that I bought for $88.30 including shipping.(Below are are pictures from the ebay auction). I figured it seems like an upgrade for my ageing Proliant ML115 running Windows Home Server 2011. While I build computers, it seemed to be more cost effective to just buy another off the shelf/lease system. Most of the rigs that I build are for gaming anyway. So attached are some pics of what I am starting with. Aside from reliability which my current server is lacking, here are the specs of my new hotness and my ultimate goals with this rig:

      Old Server ML115 (The Old and Busted) - WHS2011:
      1. Expandability - Originally the server only supported 4 3.5in HDDs meaning I was stuck with 4TB of space unless I keep using USB drives.
      ---a. 8GB Ram Max
      ---b. 1 physical 2.2ghz processor with 4 cores. No other upgrade options, even second hand, pretty maxed out.
      ---c. 3 pcie slots USB3.0 and Hard drive controller and graphics card, all full
      2. Backup - good backup solutions are expensive, bloated and non standard, Cobian backup was good but time to move on to better more sophisticated solutions.
      3. VMs - Virtual Machines not only due to them being in the same pool as the data but due to an aging processor. Also 8GB is not much to go around.
      4. Lack of web based gui - Always had to log in via RDP to do anything.
      5. Snapshots - could not find a windows solution that was free and reliable and simple. Also never looked, LOL!
      7. No Backup Support For Mac - Windows Home Server 2011 was windows only.
      6. ownCloud - cant run on a windows box :(
      7. Emby - works well but kinda slow with the processing power available especially when VMs are active.
      8. Constant system hangs! - Not sure if its windows, or the hardware, and I just gave up after being on this deployment and not being able to do what I need to when needed.
      9. Windows RAID solutions suck and they are slow.
      10. Windows Home Server 2011 is dead :( - Even online communities and forums have given up on WHS2011.
      11. Running a separate box for TV Capture services. Additional electricity = more $$$.
      Re-Purposed Server ML115 (The Old and Busted) - OMV 3.1(Erasmus):
      1. Expandability & Specs - If I need I can buy an SSD for the system drive but its pretty maxed for what it is.
      ---a. 8GB Ram Max
      ---b. 1 physical 2.2ghz processor with 4 cores.
      2. Backup - 4x1TB Standard SATA III Hard Drives on a separate NON-RAID controller
      ---a. Deduplicated and Compressed ZFS Pool to keep backup sizes small allowing for less of a need for more hard drives.
      ---b. UrBackup as a Main backup Server that will backup windows, mac, and linux
      ---c. SMB Server so that you can grab files that were backed up should you need or mount any images needed.
      3. Power - Need to find a way to minimize power by going to sleep certain times of the day or when idle.

      My New Server ML350 (The New Hotness) - OMV 3.1(Erasmus):
      1. Expandability - 8x1TB Enterprise grade drives on a slow RAID 6 HW backplane with 1GB of Cache. 6TB data pool always available. <--Not a Backup and not supposed to be.
      ---a. Currently 12GB of ram with a Max of 128GB - not sure if I ever need it but nice to know.
      ---b. 2 physical 2.4ghz processors, 4 cores each hyper threaded, 8 logical cores per processor for a total of 16 logical cpu cores. - again nice to know I can have it.
      ---c. 6 pcie slots, USB3.0, hard drive controller and graphics card, possibility of having a tv tuner or two.
      2. Backup - Not only should this server backup its own system drive but any other pool in it.
      ---a. Main pool(RAID 6) and Performance Pool(RAID 0) will be backed up to a USB Drive using SnapRaid as soon as I learn how to use it.
      ---b. Snapshots get backed up as well
      ---c. Automatic system drive backup to USB via clonezilla.
      3. VMs - Virtual machines will be running on a faster RAID 0 or RAID 10 Pool on a 4 port Marvell controller using mdadm
      ---a. Windows Home Server 2011 - for client computer backup of all our windows machines since we are a windows house.
      ---b. Windows 10 desktop - for transcoding or anything else I need windows for.
      ---c. Windows 7 desktop - Running deluge and various VPN and security apps for my downloading needs :)
      ---d. Debian Desktop - to learn linux.
      ---e. Windows 10 desktop - Running Steam for any game server that I may host or game streaming if I can pull it off. <---Not a priority.
      4. Snapshots - I love this feature with rsnapshot and may use it alot more for the RAID 6 Pool as a means of fixing stupid human error.
      5. Mac Client backup - Wifey has a mac, gotta figure out how to back this machine up.
      6. ownCloud - I'm so done with dropbox now I have my ownDamnCloud :)
      7. Plex - for streaming while deployed.
      8. TV Capture Services - I would like to consolidate another desktop into just one box.

      I would love to get any feedback from the community and their thoughts to my plan so far. I am still planning and buying parts like caddies, hard drives, also waiting to finally go home. I will try to update this thread as much as possible and may make a youtube video about it. All in all I want to have a self contained system that is self sufficient and there when I need it. Also I chose to stick with OMV 2.1 because 3.0 is still in beta and 2.1 seems more stable.

      *** Update - 2017/11/09 ***
      So I finally bought the bullet for now and dumped Windows Home Server. I was running WHS2011 in a VM on my new machine but since there will be no new version best I dump it now and try to use UrBackup. So far a nice backup solution that will mimic everything that WHS2011 did if you use ZFS with deduplication on. So I decided to use the old ML115 as another OMV machine that strictly runs UrBackup. Rather than junking it I gave it something useful to do. So now it's only purpose is to Backup all the clients and maybe the system drive of my ML350. I decided to separate this function into another machine because of the horsepower needed for plex and ZFS. ZFS requires alot of horsepower and RAM on its own when used with UrBackup. So I decided to use another machine. More electricity use but less headache, and maybe I can put it to sleep at certain times of the day, but at least the systems do not have to fight for resources on the same box.

      *** Update - 2017/02/28 ***
      I finally buttoned up everything and now I am working on a backup plan. I tooks some pictures to post on eBay for you all to see and comment also. One of the things I would like to do is use the Blue-Ray burner as an off site backup medium. Yes, I know hard drives are faster but, Blu-Rays are something that I just like having in addition to a hard drive for an off-site backup solution. Any one have suggestions please let me know. Anyway, let me know what you all think, Just realized that at Idle this setup is only using around 120w which is not bad considering what my last system was using which was 230w at Idle. this beast is also now in my basement doing its thing, also I apologize in advance for the mess seen in the pictures.

      *** Update - 2017/02/12 ***
      So I got my drives in and my main pool is running. Using the links below I was able to SSH into the server and setup my RAID 6. 5 out of 8 drives for now but I will keep expanding it. I am realizing quickly that I need to upgrade to Jessie. The 2 biggest reasons are Virtual Box is stuck at version 4.3 and for some reason when I shutdown the server all VMs that I run are aborted. This is a no go, another reason is because Nextcloud requires php 5.6 now. So now it looks like I have no choice, I just hope that I dont have too many issues with the beta that I had when I ran it in VMWare. I now have to take the plunge. Geronimo!

      *** Update - 2017/02/10 ***
      So I finally got everything up and running. I am still waiting for 5 1TB seagate constellation drives to come in for the main storage pool. In the mean time I have put Windows Home Server 2011 and my torrent box system drives on a SATA SSD. The data drives are vmdk files sitting on 3x1TB SATA notebook drives running mdadm RAID0. I chose RAID0 for sheer backup speed and once the main storage pool goes online the virtual disks will be rynched anyway. So when the RAID0 pool takes a crap I will replace the drive and recopy the virtual disks from the main storage pool. So far WHS2011 runs great with no hiccups since all it will be relegated to do now is client backups. I chose to stick with WHS2011 for client backups because of deduplication. I have a large home network where each machine is close to 1TB. Especially when steam is installed on each, I could be backing up games 3 or 4 times. WHS2011 was great in this regard, backing up 4+ machines with room to spare. I have one more machine to consolidate, which is my PVR. Problem is the happague collossus tuner. Not sure about support nor if anyone else has setup this tuner. Ideally i would set it up in a VM because it is already running under Windows. But I'm open to ideas from the community. Questions like IR blasting and getting the TV guide working, among other problems come to mind. It was a pain to setup in windows i can only imagine how bad it would be in linux.

      HP Raid Related: <-- Need to have HW Raid Plugin installed.
      HP Raid Command Line Examples 1
      Extending HP Raid Logical Volumes Command Line Examples
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    • takiyon wrote:

      I chose to stick with OMV 2.1 because 3.0 is still in beta and more stable.
      I disagree.

      Looks like a decent system. Having ILO is nice although ILO2 is kind of a pain to get a browser and java to work. I recommend updating it to the latest (2.29 I think) makes it a little less painful.
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    • ryecoaaron wrote:

      takiyon wrote:

      I chose to stick with OMV 2.1 because 3.0 is still in beta and more stable.
      I disagree.

      Looks like a decent system. Having ILO is nice although ILO2 is kind of a pain to get a browser and java to work. I recommend updating it to the latest (2.29 I think) makes it a little less painful.

      Thanks good to know, as soon as I get back im gonna update every bit of firmware on that machine.

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    • Nice, I also got a ML350 G6. For very little money (125 euros). Is has 2 Xeon X5570 and 12 GB of registered ECC ram. Some 6 disk (1 147GB, 2 half of that, and 3 300GB 2.5 SAS disks). I'm getting windows 2008 SBS up and running now (official license came with the box), just for fun. I ordered another 12GB of RAM, and hope the box will be able to use it all. And I am planning to see whether my wd red's could go in here. Not sure yet if I will go with OMV or another distro with zfs. Just to play for now. But what a great peace of machinery, and what a bargain. Only thing is they are a bit noisy, even in the quietest mode.....