Personnalize samba recycle bin options

    • Personnalize samba recycle bin options

      Hi all and first I would like to thank every people working hard on this project.

      Just to present me a little bit I started building my own NAS under a raspberry pi. Watching all I can build by myself, I bought a little shuttle with celeron dual core processor.
      I made it PVR server with thveadend, share file server and wirtual machine server with OMV.

      What I would like to know is if it's possible to personalize the SMB recycle bin options and keep it.
      For example in the smb.conf file I replaced the recycle bin folder from .recycle/%u (or something like that) to $recycle.bin for 2 reasons : I don't want recycle bin arrange by username and I don't want to show hide filesystem in windows to see .recycle folder.
      Also I do not want to keep file versions in the recycle bin.

      But each time I made a change in the OMV GUI of SMB/CIFS, my changes are removed from the smb.conf file.

      Is there a place somewhere in OMV to change the options written in the smb.conf file by the OMV scripts renning behind the gui ?
      Second question, is there any way to activate recycle bin for the home folder in the [homes] section of the smb.conf file. This is not enabled by default and again, when I change something in the GUI, my changes are erased so no more recycle in the homes shared folders.