Plex can see all drives?

    • Plex can see all drives?

      Please note that all my drives are currently set to ntfs, except the boot drive is set to ext4.

      So in OMV I've enabled SMB/CIFS and shared 1 drive and a folder on another drive that are guest are allowed and set to read only.
      So in windows network, only these 2 show up, which is great. Also I have one drive that I disabled browseable, and I'm able to map that drive.
      But the thing is that I installed plex, and when I add media to the plex server, I can see all the hard drives (4 in total), and also all the files.

      So my real question is if I put all my drives as ext4, will this solve plex from viewing all drives when using ACL to set the permissions.
      I tried a HP portable drive as ext4, but I guess my computer doesn't like it when the usb drive is formatted that way. :(
    • No migrating to a ext4 filesystem does not solve you permission problem / make them invissible to plex.

      You should check the permission plex is using when it is not using samba and the permissions it gets when it is using samba.

      Asuming plex is on the same system, you don't need plex to access your files through samba to keep your problem simpler.
    • Just to be clear, tekkb only gave advice about your filesystem, depending on who you ask, using ntfs under linux is indeed not considered a stable filesystem.

      But the fact that plex can acces it has nothing to do with the choosen filesystem, so this part of your problem isn't solved with that. I guess you either have to block the plex users with acl or its using another user through samba that you should block (don't know your config).

      p.s. my NAS ran for over a year with a mounted ntfs driver before i reformated it, no problems found. Wouldn't want important stuff on it though.
    • @GreenBean

      That's why I'm going to format all my interal drives as ext4 so I can use ACL.
      Just formatted one of the drives and I'm moving the files to that, so this will take a day or two to get everything completed.
      I'll probably just move my portable backups to my windows PC, then I'll just run syncback from the windows machine to do the backups.

      The reason why I was using plex was so my roommate could watch videos on his PS4.
      But I enabled DLNA, so I'm doing it that way for the moment.
    • This is how I fixed my Plex issue.

      If someone wants access, I just send them an invite under the friends tab.
      This way they have their own personalized Plex and they can't add media. Also I can restrict on what folders they can see.

      So let's say your kids have a PS4, you could let's say, do an invite to your wife's email address.
      Then you could just allow them access to kids shows and movies.
    • Thats the common way to add users in plex, this way each also have their own view history, settings, etc.

      It does solve your plex sharing issue, but security whise it would be good to limit plex its access to other folders. My plex user can only access my media folder for example, only root can access all folders on my system (and even that bugs me ;) )

      Glad to hear this solved your problem tough, happy sharing!
    • FragaGeddon wrote:

      It'd be nice if the Plex app could do something along the lines of the DLNA plugin, where there's a shared tabbed on the plugin itself.
      As far as I know, the plex shared folder configuration isn't stored in a easily modified config file. So, this is possible.
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