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      From what I can tell the OpenVPN plugin is used to make a secure connection INTO OMV but what I want to do is connect my OMV install to utilize my VPN provider.

      On the arch desktop this was easy as I just clicked on network>vpn>add connection.

      On OMV I am not confident in what I am supposed to do nor are my searches pulling up anything other than OpenVPN setups.

    • Your VPN provider should have instructions available to configure your machine as a client to connect to their network. So long as OMV has a suitable client program, this should be no problem, but you will probably have to configure it by hand.
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    • So what I did was:

      1. ssh into the box
      2. wget the openvpn file
      3. openvpn --config 'openvpnconfig.opvn'

      Connected and asked for my username and password.

      This is OK but not ideal as every time it restarts id have to do this and I believe I have to keep the terminal/ssh connection open.

      Still digging but progress is being made.
    • Do you intend to use your NAS as a gateway?
      If so, you have also to deal with routing to pass the internet traffic from and to you local network.
      I'm using my NAS as a gateway because my TP-Link routers are just too slow to deal with 256-Bit AES encryption.

      However, you have to create a client.conf which could look like this:

      Source Code

      1. client
      2. dev tun
      3. proto udp
      4. remote
      5. cipher AES-256-CBC
      6. auth SHA256
      7. resolv-retry infinite
      8. nobind
      9. persist-key
      10. persist-tun
      11. mute-replay-warnings
      12. verb 3
      13. auth-user-pass /etc/openvpn/.usr
      14. reneg-sec 0
      15. remote-cert-tls server
      16. tls-version-min 1.2
      17. key-direction 0
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      The path after auth-user-pass defines a file where you username and password is stored.

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    • The NAS is the only device to be 100% on the VPN at all times.

      The client.conf is neat but I don't see where/how I would set this command [openvpn --config 'openvpnconfig.opvn'] to be run all times and when it asks for the username/password where I would point it to the client.conf.

      Thanks everyone for the help!