Local and remote file access, as well as selective sync functionality

    • OMV 3.x
    • Local and remote file access, as well as selective sync functionality

      I am in the process of configuring my new OMV build, using 3.0.60 and the 4.9.0 backports kernel. This will eventually replace our 2 bay QNAP NAS that we have simply outgrown.

      One of the nice features of the QNAP is that each user has their own folder on the local network, and this same folder can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, using a web browser, the sync client, or the mobile app. I would like to provide something similar in OMV, so here is what I was thinking:
      1. To provide each user their own folder, I need to create a homes shared folder and make use of the "User home directory" option under Access Rights Management -> Users -> Settings
      2. To make these folders available on the local network, I need to use SMB/CIFS and the "Enable user home directories" option
      3. To provide remote access and sync, it looks like Nextcloud would be the best option. In order to make the home folders from step 1 available, I need to use the "External Storage" app, mounting the corresponding local folders for each Nextcloud user
      4. In order to make R/W access work for both the OMV user and the Nextcloud user, I need to edit the ACL of the user's home directory such that the user, www-data user and www-data group all have R/W access
      Am I on the right track or is there an easier way to achieve the same functionality?
    • Just wanted to give a quick update - I have things pretty much working and each user's home folder is accessible from inside Nextcloud as well as on the local network.

      Instead of modifying the ACLs for each user's home folder and giving www-data access, I went with a slightly different configuration. Here are the steps I took in Nextcloud:

      1. Created users with the same username/password as the corresponding user in OMV
      2. Created a "Homes" group and added users to it that should have access to their home folder in Nextcloud
      3. Enabled the "External Storage" app
      4. Went to Admin -> External Storage and added a new entry as follows
        1. Folder name: "NAS Home"
        2. External storage: SMB / CIFS
        3. Authentication: Log-in credentials, save in session
        4. Configuration: Host = localhost, Share = homes (Remote subfolder and Domain left blank)
        5. Available for: Homes(group)
        6. Under Advanced settings for this entry:
          1. Enable previews
          2. Check for changes: Once every direct access

      With things configured this way, I don't need to modify ACLs for each user's home folder to give www-data access, and I don't have to add individual entries under External Storage. As expected, anything in the "NAS Home" folder in Nextcloud shows up when browsing the local network. If I put a file in my folder on the network, it will show up in "NAS Home" in Nextcloud the next time I access it.

      I still need to do more testing, but so far things look like they are functioning precisely how I wanted.