Share working on llinux and android and not working on win7

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    • Share working on llinux and android and not working on win7

      Hello all,

      I have a OMV system use as a NAS.
      All was working correctly and after a restart I could not log on the NAS from any of my win 7 system.
      But could from ubuntu or android base system.
      I ve checked all I could find on the Internet but nothing worked out.
      I m a beginner and have very limited knowledge in both linux and OMV...
      I could doing a non obvious thing make it work again for few days but it went down again
      On all Win 7 I have a access denied because the password is not recognize but I set OMV to accept visitor without account witch is the case for linux and android...
      I m totally lost, since I have no clue on what could be helpful I ve added no data from OMV in the post, please ask what would you need to help me out.

      Thanks for your time to help me out.

    • Hi again,

      I ve checked,

      1/ SMB/CIF is enable, I m not sure how to be sure this is actually running.
      2/ workgroup is the same in both win and OMV
      3/ I ve reset all user permissions reset credential and this is the same server kick me out on windows and is ok on linux.

      I must point the fact that I m a real beginner so there is a lot of things that I don t know how to do ...

      thanks again for your time and patience...

    • Hella Tinh,

      Sorry for the time to respond.

      No I m not using ACL but just to make sure I ve reseted all permission and clear all ACL

      Here is an output of the ls -la command:

      Sorry I could not copy past text in putty.

      Also I ve another question: what would I need as config file from OMV in case the HDD containing the OS of OMV is crashing to restore my RAID ? Can I download it via putty ?

      Sorry to have so many basic question...

      Again thanks for your help
    • You posted the wrong directory.
      Post permissions of the share folder that you try to access on your Windows 7.


      UUID is a long characters like 54322abcd.....

      You can install the Clonezilla from extras plugin as a backup, and follow its instructions to backup for your headless OMV.
      Or you can download Clonezilla ISO on the web and burn it to a CD or a flash drive, and clone the OS.
      OMV v4.0
      Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
      32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro
      4x3TB RAID10
    • Sorry,

      here is the output requested:

      Source Code

      1. d37-5443-47a8-9773-2c8436e3fe23/DATA# ls -la
      2. total 28708
      3. drwxrwsr-x 8 root users 4096 mai 21 2016 .
      4. drwxr-xr-x 4 root root 4096 nov. 8 2004 ..
      5. -rw-rw-r-- 1 root users 0 juin 21 2015 debian-5.5.flag
      6. drwxrwsr-x 2 root users 4096 mai 13 2015 divers
      7. drwxrwsr-x 15 root users 4096 nov. 13 2004 divx
      8. -rw-rw-r-- 1 root users 18874368 nov. 8 2004 ibdata1
      9. -rw-rw-r-- 1 root users 5242880 nov. 8 2004 ib_logfile0
      10. -rw-rw-r-- 1 root users 5242880 juin 21 2015 ib_logfile1
      11. drwxrwsr-x 6 root users 4096 janv. 15 15:33 Media
      12. drwxrwsr-x 2 root users 4096 nov. 8 2004 mysql
      13. -rw-rw-r-- 1 root users 6 juin 21 2015 mysql_upgrade_info
      14. drwxrwsr-x 2 root users 4096 nov. 8 2004 performance_schema
      15. drwxrwsr-x 16 root users 4096 févr. 13 15:20 serie
      Display All
      the two folder I m trying to access are Media and serie
      Thanks again and sorry for the misunderstanding but not easy .. Took me sometime to undestand from where I could find what was the UUID of my share.

    • Hello all,

      I m back with the same issue again... My permission looks right, I ve re created user and group again reset right clear acl check both OMV and Win has the same group (WORKGROUP). And still the same issue my share is working on linux and android without any problem but wont on win 7.
      Is someone has an idea on what I m missing?

      Thanks for your time and help...

      One more thing I m not very familiar with command line so if you ask me to do thing I would appreciate if you could be specific on how to do it.

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    • I ve tried to reset to create new user same thing, not sure though how to remove credential in win 7

      I must add that when I accessing the NAS from an ubuntu machine I use the same user and PWD and it works it is only on win7 machine that it s not working

      regards and thanks

      Edit: I ve found how to reset credential on win 7 and still the same

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    • Did you enter the share drive path like this on Windows 7?


      Another thing, ensure you check Network and Sharing Center in Windows 7 control panel that your Ethernet/Wifi profile is set to Private mode.

      Some users mentioned this on a Windows forum.
      Add the below code to your smb.conf , and reboot your server, and Windows 7 pc.

      Source Code

      1. smb.con file in your linux server (usually in /etc/samba/smb.conf) and add
      2. server signing = auto

      Alternative solution.

      Enter this command in command prompt: gpedit.msc and follow the below path to make change.

      Source Code

      1. Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->Windows Settings->Security Settings->Local Policies->Security Options
      2. Network security: Restrict NTLM: Outgoing NTLM traffic to remote servers ALLOW ALL
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      OMV v4.0
      Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
      32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro
      4x3TB RAID10

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