add mirror

    • OMV 2.x
    • First go at re-purposing Dell 2850 to OMV . Did as suggested, cleared all PERC raids, only booted with one drive, install was smooth.
      After system up I was able to create a RAID 5 with my (4) 300 gig drive fine in OMV, flawless.
      Don't get the pom poms out to quick for me...
      Now I want to mirror the OS drive to the spare one for that (these two 73 gig) Why? I guess because the drives are there and that is how is has been configured with Windows.
      How can I do this? I try to use same menu as create a raid, but that is not an option, I'm sure you all know this.
      Read somewhere about rsync, but that sounds like doing a directory, I want to do whole drive.
      Thanks in advance for any hints / help