User homes via Samba

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    • User homes via Samba

      Hi everyone!

      I've just discovered that version 3.0.59, that I'm using, is still a developer version (or so it seems). Didn't know it...
      If the thread have to be moved on another forum, just do it (and sorry).

      I've just started playing with OpenMediaVault to build a home NAS. I'm using a RaspberryPi 3 and a USB drive.
      I'd like to have these shares on my NAS:
      - OpenShare: public access for everyone
      - user1 home: home folder for user1; only user1 can r/w the folder
      - user2 home: home folder for user2; only user2 can r/w the folder

      What I want to see from Windows (and in general any OS when I access the NAS via SMB) is:
      - the OpenShare folder (already got it)
      - a user1 folder, that only user1 can access via login
      - a user2 folder, that only user2 can access via login

      Awfully, I'm not able to get this behavior.

      After the common setup step (set static IP, configure notifications, ...), I made an upgrade of all packages. Then I've started playing with shared folders.

      I've created the OpenShare folder and enabled the public share on SMB/CIFS shares menu. Also, I've set ACL for the folder to nobody/nogroup, so everyone can r/w the folder without login. (I'll see if this is what I really want...)

      Then, on the User/Settings menu I've enabled user home folder, setting [USB drive]/homes as shared folder for homes. I've set "Everyone" on the permission field.
      On the SMB/CIFS settings I've enabled user home directories (enabled "browseable", too). Also added homes folder in the SMB/CIFS shares, with public flag.
      At this stage, I can see from Windows is:

      - the OpenShare folder, fully working as expected

      - the "homes" folder, that I cannot access; no username/password asked

      So I have 2 problems:

      - I can't access "homes" folder; BTW, I actually like that the "homes" folder can't be accessed (even can't be visible, if possible), since I prefer to see the single users' folders

      - I can't see user1 and user2 folders: thought that enabling the user home directories from SMB/CIFS menu will display the homes directory...

      I (almost) know how to tweak smb.conf file to have this behavior, but I really prefer to setup everything via web interface, so I don't have to manage some configuration from one place, others from another place.

      Thanks for the support!