Setting Vpn to access from outside

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    • Setting Vpn to access from outside

      Hi, I installed on my old pc ( dual core with 2 gb ram) the omv version 2, everything seems to be OK, I can play my films on lan or wifi, but when I try to do the same thing from outside I can't do it. What kind of system I should use to play my videos? Ftp? Sftp? Vpn? Someone said me that Vpn it's always better, but how can I setting? There are some videos that can explain me what should I do? I use ddns.

      Thanks so much to anyone help me.
      P.s. If my English shouldn't be OK, sorry, it will be better soon ;)
    • It is true that VPN is safer/better but also a bit more work to setup and you will need to setup a VPN server (on OMV) and connect using a VPN client (on device accessing from outside).

      The easier option (but less secure) is to configure a port forwarding rule on your router that points to the FTP port on your OMV. I can explain how to do this if you like...

      For the VPN solution, you need to install the OpenVPN plug-in on your OMV. Then configure it, then configure a port forward on your router to point to your VPN server, then setup a VPN client to connect to the VPN server.

      Sounds but it's not as difficult as it sounds.

      I suggest you start with the easier option i explained above and see if you can get this working. Then move to the VPN solution.

      The most important part for both solutions above is that you need to know the external IP of your internet connection. This often changes (dynamic IP) but its easy to find a free service that maps your internet ip to an easy to remember address/name.

      let me know when/if you want any help and i'll try.

      good luck!
    • Setting Vpn to access from outside

      Thanks for your reply,
      Vpn it's to complicated to just play some videos, server and client, and I'm not the only that use this system, so ftp or sftp sounds better. Can you explain what should I do? I said before that I use ddns, I have an public ip, dynamic but really static. I'm not noob but if you can help me I really appreciate.

      Thanks so much
    • OK. I understand. sounds like you are almost ready. this is what you need for FTP.

      I'm assuming you are going to use an FTP client on the device to connect to the FTP server. If not, please let me know how you are going to connect via FTP. you can use a web browser for example.

      • turn on FTP on OMV and test you can access shared folder via FTP while on local network
      • on your router, setup a port forward rule that that forwards TCP port 20021 to local IP of OMV on TCP port 21
      • create a FTP connection on the client by using the following settings:
        • IP address for FTP server = IP of internet address (DDNS)
        • port for FTP server = port 20021 (or what ever you used for external port to forward on your router
      If above is working, the port forwarding rule will forward your FTP connection to the FTP server on OMV

      that's the basic process to make this work.

      you should know that different router's have different ways of setting up port forwarding but you can google this!
    • HI, finally i got it! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
      I tried all the possibilities, different port, ssh, ssl, port forward, and at the end i got it!
      For everyone who need i activated the ssl/tls under ftp voice on omv settings, just the certificated, a choose a different port to forward on my router, obviously not 21, i used a sftp with filezilla (but i think every program like that it's ok), user root and the password i put that i choose in my settings, (default should be openmediavault, but i changed), and that's IT!

      I really appreciate the fast to reply me. Thanks so much jata1 :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    • ok.

      openvpn settings in OMV

      port - leave as is 1194
      protocol - UDP
      compession - yes
      PAM auth - no

      address - leave 10.8...
      mask - leave
      gateway - yes
      cli to cli - no

      dns server -,

      public address - [use your ddns name here]

      then you enable and save and wait.... it can take ages to save (did on my RPi) but might be quicker on your setup.

      once saved and running properly you need to create a certificate for the vpn client on the remote device you want to connect.

      go to setting of VPN on OMV and change tab to certificate. create certificate by clicking add (+).

      download the certificate to a computer and put in dropbox or somewhere safe!

      let me know when done and i'll give you the last bits needed.
    • I downloaded my certificate on my pc, a forwarded the port 1194 UDP, but first when i try to go on my omv like this "" on lan i can't. And second my certificate i have to save it somewhere safe, but i have to copy on omv?

      I use windows on pc right now, android on my phone, but i use sometime also linux, different distro.