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    • Remote monitoring with GKrellm(d)

      Hi all,
      i am new to OMV and Linux as well. :)
      With the help of this forum i was able to install OMV and to configure it to fit my needs.
      I get everything working (Virtualbox, Nginx, MySQL, Teamspeak, Owncloud, FTP, SMB) except remote monitoring with gkrellm.
      I would like to monitor CPU usage, Memory consumption and LAN traffic with my Windows machine.
      On my old Windows Home Server OS i used gkrellm to monitor it over LAN, but with debian i can not get i to work.
      i installed gkrellmd via apt-get

      Top shows:

      Source Code

      1. %Cpu(s): 1,0 us, 10,2 sy, 0,0 ni, 88,7 id, 0,1 wa, 0,0 hi, 0,1 si, 0,0 st
      2. KiB Mem: 7894676 total, 7727296 used, 167380 free, 62432 buffers
      3. KiB Swap: 4789244 total, 159952 used, 4629292 free, 568900 cached
      5. 30690 vbox 20 0 6865m 6,3g 6,3g S 73,0 84,3 4990:07 VBoxHeadless
      6. 27364 administ 20 0 136m 39m 38m S 0,7 0,5 0:11.27 smbd
      7. 357 root 20 0 0 0 0 S 0,3 0,0 0:19.70 jbd2/sda1-8
      8. 2453 gkrellmd 20 0 107m 2548 2248 S 0,3 0,0 47:55.82 gkrellmd
      9. 3273 vbox 20 0 100m 1580 1580 S 0,3 0,0 3:03.29 VBoxXPCOMIPCD
      10. 4989 root -2 0 4168 2112 1764 S 0,3 0,0 2:18.23 watchdog
      11. 31777 root 20 0 24588 2784 2320 R 0,3 0,0 0:01.24 top
      12. 1 root 20 0 10664 1192 1192 S 0,0 0,0 0:11.64 init
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      So the deamon seems to be running, but from Windows i can not connect to it.
      If i start
      gkellm.exe -s -p 19150 (wich worked for my Windows Home Server)
      nothing happens. No Firewall is running on the Windows machine.
      Does OMV block traffic on port 19150 by default? I made no changes to iptables or the Firewall settings under Network in the OMV control panel.

      Maybee someone has a solution for this, or know an other Program, that can monitor Linux system from a Windows OS? If possible with a desktop widget.

    • Thx for the replies,

      WoW. =O That is an amazing Programm, i will have a look at it.
      Does ist support Desktop Widgets for Windows, or does ist run only in a browser?

      That was my starting command for the working Gkrellm connection to my Windows Home server.
      So, it should work for the Debian Server too.

      Maybee there is a version mismatch between the Windows Port and the Debian version of Gkrellm. :huh:
    • After booting my Windows Machine today the GKrellm Window appears. 8o
      The Shortcut is still set to

      Source Code

      1. C:\Program Files\GKrellM\bin\gkrellm.exe" -s -P 19150
      I only reinstalled Gkrellm on Windows, but it was the same version as before.

      I rebootet OMV a few times yesterday but that was all Virtualbox related, nothing changed to Gkrellm.

      So, i have no idea, why it is working right now.

      Thx to all who helped me with my Problem. :)