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    • tinh_x7 wrote:

      It could be a lot of mistakes.
      Ensure the port is correct.
      Re-read the tutorial guide.
      Nginx and MySQL are running.
      all is ok and running, i think problem is at this step:

      4. Open your Putty, and go to your share drive. ie. /media/UUID/.... why dots? my folder is /srv/UUID/www/nextcloud then here i use terminal for that:

      Enter the below command in Putty:

      Unzip nextcloud archive:
      5. unzip

      copy all its files to your nextcloud folder (the one you created earlier):
      cp -r nextcloud/. /media/UUID/www/nextcloud (srv ecc ecc)

      6. cd /media/UUID/www/ (srv ecc ec)
      chown -R www-data:www-data nextcloud

      it's correct?
    • onluigi wrote:

      Open your Putty, and go to your share drive. ie. /media/UUID/.... why dots? my folder is /srv/UUID/www/nextcloud then here i use terminal for that:
      B/c your installation location could be different than others.
      I can't remember which OMV version change from /media/ to /srv, it's suppose to be like that in the past.
      OMV v4.0
      Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
      32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro
      4x3TB RAID10
    • First, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR INSTALLATION GUIDE!!! I had so many issues with other guids (security problems etc.). So I'm on version 11.0.2 (stable) and I want to update to 12.0.4 but I used your security script (step 11) and I don't know how to do the update know. Can you help me please?
    • Hey,

      I am trying to follow the guide but ran into an error.

      When i try to open the server on ip:port i get an error 404 not found.

      Checking the error log i get the following.

      "Primary script unknown" while reading response header from upstream.

      nginx and mysql are running with no issues. I am not using ssl and turned off the ssl option in fast-cgi extras.

      Any help would be appreciated.
    • tinh_x7 wrote:

      1. Ensure you save the script as .sh. and modify ocpath='/var/www/nextcloud' according to your installation directory.
      2. sudo chmod +x
      3. ./script_name
      Didn't work for me. I've got still the same error:

      Check for write permissions
      The following places can not be written to:
      • "just an example path"/www/nextcloud/updater/../.user.ini
      • etc /../public.php
      • and so on and so on
    • Here is a screenshot of the files in the nextcloud directory under the location

      Did a reinstall of OMV3 and re followed the guide now i get 502 bad Gateway
      • Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 9.36.55 PM.png

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    • tinh_x7 wrote:

      Do a ls -la on your Nextcloud directory, and paste it here.

      /www/nextcloud# ls -la
      insgesamt 224
      drwxr-s---+ 15 root www-data 4096 Dez 18 16:10 .
      drwxrwsr-x+ 3 Dennis users 4096 Dez 18 16:10 ..
      drwxr-s---+ 29 root www-data 4096 Dez 17 19:48 3rdparty
      drwxr-s---+ 45 www-data www-data 4096 Dez 14 18:12 apps
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 8868 Dez 14 16:55 AUTHORS
      drwxr-s---+ 2 www-data www-data 4096 Dez 14 17:15 config
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 3638 Dez 14 16:55 console.php
      drwxr-s---+ 16 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 core
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 5353 Dez 14 16:55 cron.php
      drwxr-x---+ 8 www-data www-data 4096 Dez 14 18:16 data
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 40622 Dez 14 16:55 db_structure.xml
      -rw-r--r--+ 1 root www-data 2771 Dez 14 17:17 .htaccess
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 179 Dez 14 16:55 index.html
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 2471 Dez 14 16:55 index.php
      drwxr-s---+ 3 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 l10n
      drwxr-s---+ 6 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 lib
      -rwxr-x--x+ 1 root www-data 283 Dez 14 16:55 occ
      drwxr-s---+ 2 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 ocs
      drwxr-s---+ 2 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 ocs-provider
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 3184 Dez 14 16:55 public.php
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 5431 Dez 14 16:55 remote.php
      drwxr-s---+ 4 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 resources
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 26 Dez 14 16:55 robots.txt
      drwxr-s---+ 11 root www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 settings
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 2110 Dez 14 16:55 status.php
      drwxr-s---+ 3 www-data www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 themes
      drwxr-s---+ 2 www-data www-data 4096 Dez 14 16:55 updater
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 163 Dez 14 16:55 .user.ini
      -rw-r-----+ 1 root www-data 277 Dez 14 16:55 version.php
    • @all
      Once again I have a problem with OMV4, Nextcloud 13 beta3 and Redis.

      Unfortunately I had a total failure of my computer, unfortunately I had to re-install OMV4 and Nextcloud. There were surprisingly many problems for me that I did not have in my first installation (initially under OMV3).

      After many unsuccessful attempts, I finally managed to get OMV 4 and Nextcloud to start.

      However, I get the following error message in the logging of Nextcloud:

      redis server went away nextcloud

      I have made the recommended entries under the config.php. I worked normally on the config.php as follows:

      'memcache.local' => '\ OC \ Memcache \ APCu',
      'memcache.locking' => '\ OC \ Memcache \ Redis',
      'redis' => array (
      'host' => 'localhost',
      'port' => 6379,

      PHP-Redis is already installed in version 3.1.1-1, according to Putty. Unfortunately, it does not work anyway. Maybe one of you can help me.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Thx tinh_x7 for your nice tutorial, helped me a lot to improve my running nextcloud. Right now i think of migrating from OMV3->OMV4 for PHP7 reasons. I expect some performance improvements.

      At the same time I was thinking of docker instead of a "full install". Will there be a tutorial how to do nextcloud with docker? Would be awesome!
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