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      I have NextCloud installed on OMV 3.0.96 running from a 16GB USB Stick on Microserver Gen10, everything is working fine except when I want to upload big files.
      The problem is that the file is uploaded to a temp folder somewhere on USB drive and I heave only 10Gb free space and I can't upload files bigger thatn 10GB and eventually that drive will wear out from R/W.
      Can I change that temp folder to point to another SATA disk?
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      I have tried to configure it like this:
      env[TMP] = /srv/52559f90-1d49-4c27-93a2-63f2a2abff5b/www/nextcloud/tmp
      env[TMPDIR] = /srv/52559f90-1d49-4c27-93a2-63f2a2abff5b/www/nextcloud/tmp
      env[TEMP] = /srv/52559f90-1d49-4c27-93a2-63f2a2abff5b/www/nextcloud/tmp

      But it still uses USB Drive (sde1) to temporarily save files.
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