Transmission downloading to wrong directory

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    • Transmission downloading to wrong directory

      Hello. I'm new to both openmediavault but I'm really liking it so far for my home server. My main uses for it are as a Transmission and Plex box. It seemed to be doing those two jobs really well, until I queued up a bunch of downloads and since I have pretty fast internet I watched them download while I was doing some other tasks. However, when I went to actually get the files, they weren't there. Transmission showed that it had fully downloaded them all, but they weren't on the file share it's supposed to download to. I checked the file location in the Transmission Web client interface and it shows that its in the share, but when I access them through SMB, they aren't there. I went as far as to actually shutdown and put the drive in my desktop to see if it just wasn't showing up through SMB, but the files aren't there. It definitely worked before and I don't think I changed any settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • Locate found the files and said they were on the shared folder, so I decided to look at the folders settings and it seems somehow its location reference disappeared and it was just existing without a location, which makes me wonder where the files actually are. Regardless, I just repaired the current address and it seems to work now. Thanks Wetter.