Is there a known-working server GUI?

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    • Is there a known-working server GUI?

      Ive done a lot of searching, and a lot of people have gone away "To try installing Gnome" or LXDE or any of the other desktops.
      I only want to be able to StartX for one reason, and that's because I dont know my folder layout on some old drives off the top of my head.

      I have about 30HDD's to go through, and things like ctrl+click to select folders and cut and paste onto my array would be priceless.

      Has anyone confirmed a GUI shell that DOESN'T break OMV when you use it?

      I've read about all the risks, now I'm hoping someone had a solution and just didnt report back; I must have been through 300 pages and 50 threads on the topic by now, with no solid answer.

      Thanks all!
    • ruprecht wrote:

      Does this not work?

      Remote desktop plugin for OpenMediaVault. Installs xfce4 minimal desktop environment and rdp server.

      I've never tried that one..... xfce is a desktop I like too....
      I got scared off by all the "it'll break mounts" and what not warnings, I hadn't looked at the offered plugins, I was relying on people custom installing.

      Do you use this plugin? Does it work for you?
    • Why not browse your driver folder structure using an already installed file browser/manager?
      ssh into your machine and type "mc". This is midnight commander that is already installed on omv. You will find all your connected hard drive in the /media folder listed with there UUID.
      Hope it was helpful for you, no need to install an desktop environment only for browsing folder structure. :)
      In an terminal session you still have the possibility to copy a path and paste it where you want.
    • Master_Scythe wrote:

      Do you use this plugin? Does it work for you?
      I use it and it works. Otherwise, I wouldn't have released the plugin :) It doesn't install a full desktop and the gui doesn't run all the time. Therefore, it seems to avoid the full desktop problems.
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