Tranmission - move to completed folder for different type ?

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Tranmission - move to completed folder for different type ?


      On my server, I have plex running with one folder for movie and one folder for shows.

      I also have couch potato that will snatch movies and Sonarr to get shows.

      Both are using Transmission (bittorrent) to download and will move to complete folder.

      I would like to move movies to my movies folder and shows from sonarr to tv shows.

      Is that possible or any tweak for something like that ?
    • i think this is possible if you use a script to move/copy the files after they have completed the download. You need to write and test the script (manually i suggest). Once script is working, you need to config transmission to run the script when a file is completed. You do this in the settings section of the transmission settings in OMV.

      Here is a link to a thread that might help.

      Transmission - Script to move completed downloads to directories, or how to create script?

      I also suggest googling 'scripts that move files transmission' to find lots of help.