duplicati docker container no longer working after upgrade to OMV 3

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    • duplicati docker container no longer working after upgrade to OMV 3

      I just did a fresh install of OMV3 (Running 3.0.72) and installed omvextras and the docker plugin.

      A plugin that I was previously running flawlessly on OMV2 will not start for me on OMV3 and I was hoping someone could help me figure out why

      The image is intersoftlab/duplicati, the command I was using to run is as follows

      Source Code

      1. docker run --rm -it \
      2. -v /media/8424de6b-219e-490c-9037-d5f2efa29aea/Duplicati/:/root/.config/Duplicati \
      3. -v /media:/data \
      4. -e DUPLICATI_PASS=duplicatiPass \
      6. -p 8200:8200 \
      7. intersoftlab/duplicati:latest
    • deadman36g wrote:

      digitaldiatribe wrote:

      You could have also used the PUID and PGID variables in your docker setup matched to the ID's of the user account that has access to that data to prevent any future permission issues.
      Could you please explain to me how to do that?

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      Within the container setup window, there's a variable section. In that section, you put in PUID and PGID in their own cells on the left side and on the right side you put in the ID numbers pulled from a SSH session to your OMV box (or with the shellinabox plugin) by typing "id username" without quotes and the username of the account that has r/w access to the share you're using. The PUID variable wants the UID number and the PGID variable wants the GID number.
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