Missing directories after reimport an ZFS pool into OMV.

    • OMV 3.x

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    • Missing directories after reimport an ZFS pool into OMV.


      I'm new here, because I was always been able to find a way to solve my problems.
      But now, it looks different and I need help:?

      Following situation: Given was a OMV3/Debian 8 installation with ZFSonLinux, because I had taken over my RAIDZ5 network from FreeNas times.
      Last week the SSD failed and I had to reinstall the System, what was in the past never really problematic.

      However, I have now the problem that I lost two of my directories (in the pool root) and I don`t know, how can I solve the problem.
      The pool was added as in the past also with "zpool import -a", which was also successful this time, up to the fact that I am missing two directories.

      The "Zpool status" gives me currently 0 errors as well as approximately the same used memory as before the SSD crash.
      Since at least in one of the directories private video recordings were stored, I would be pleased if there is some way to get the data again.

      Sincerely and sorry for my bad english :whistling: