Adding WDS to openmediavault

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    • Adding WDS to openmediavault

      Hi folks, reading some forums i discovered a project called Ultimate Desktop Appliance, this project aims to build a complete boot server for various systems, linux, solaris, and windows 2003 are already supported, one last goal is to support WDS aka Windows Distribute Systems, my idea was, where i can found information to build a suitable package to support wds via pxe on openmediavault? i'm not so skilled in html programming, i prefer configuration via txt files but for others users will be great if we can implement all kind of boot systems like pxe, ris, wds and maybe solaris, what do you think about it?
    • Re: Adding WDS to openmediavault

      This should get you going.

      I think, that you first need to configure it on CLI and then find out which parts would make sense as a plugin. Maybe nothing make sense (not sure if it makes or not), and a simple well written howto for OMV is more useful (like the one about SABnbzd+Sickbeard etc. pp.).
      Everything is possible, sometimes it requires Google to find out how.
    • Re: Adding WDS to openmediavault

      Hi SerErris, i already know howto implement a complete pxe boot environement, mi goal would be a complete boot system that include WDS, the guy from Ultimate Desktop Appliance do the dirty work, but it's still in beta and need some little hacking and writing by hand.