Pinned Software to read data from disk if OMV crash

    • siulman wrote:

      I know this topic hasn't been updated for a long period but trying to restore from clonezilla backup, I realized that the system disk (SSD in my case) needs to be same size as the previews one...
      Is there a way to have more flexibility on this?
      If I've understood what you're trying to do (and accomplish), I believe the target ssd can be equal to or larger than the drive that was backed up, but I've never used Clonezilla so can't be certain.

      (Assuming the above is true, and that's a big assumption, the end result is likely that the ssd isn't being used to capacity, but you should end up with a working system disk at least. And if so, I think there's a way to expand the partition to claim the unused space.)
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