filesystems seem to have messed up a bit - same disk mounted twice?

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    • filesystems seem to have messed up a bit - same disk mounted twice?



      So after I've been messing around with some disks & replacing a few something has messed up the filesystem.
      One disk seems to have been mounted both as /media/UUID & as /srv/dev-by-disk etc..
      but.. with 2 seperate sizes...

      screenshots will explain better than words...

      As you can see one disk is mounted as disk1 in filesystem tab and is full.
      If I check the /media/f75..... it's only 160Gb
      the same disk seems to be mounted as /srv/dev and showing the correct size... both have files...

      any idea what might've gone wrong? and how can I fix it?
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      Please post the output of


      1. # blkid
      But based on the given information these are two different filesystems. You simply have to look at the different filesystem device files.
      Absolutely no support through PM!

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      here's the complete output:

      Source Code

      1. /dev/sdk1: UUID="f43c19de-9010-4edf-ac7b-1ae6d0dd2fdd" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="fde42d42-01"
      2. /dev/sdk5: UUID="cf8bc267-8aa6-4122-aba4-ad85087119af" TYPE="swap" PARTUUID="fde42d42-05"
      3. /dev/sdg1: LABEL="disk11" UUID="80911a70-eaa1-4837-8b23-68c35da4293d" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="df72cc5e-73f9-402b-994b-8c9bc75cbd98"
      4. /dev/sdf1: LABEL="disk12" UUID="d4f88df8-0555-4f4f-9530-35dc8772fded" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="afefd7ed-9abb-429c-b33c-5e7dff3c162b"
      5. /dev/sdh1: LABEL="disk13" UUID="a61dd0eb-8798-4dcb-8bd3-5c3259942a98" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="095c507e-7d80-4915-ac8c-6be0d98bb6c6"
      6. /dev/sda1: LABEL="disk3" UUID="839a13c3-226d-4310-9334-b5247d752e0e" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="edb65f42-a67e-4556-966a-645d43f132f8"
      7. /dev/sdd1: LABEL="disk2" UUID="4e9a7f7f-f1b1-4ddd-a9c8-72439414a880" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="8c577f16-2e42-456b-acae-c51d9a0602a5"
      8. /dev/sde1: LABEL="disk8" UUID="9b3010fb-4d20-4ba7-a6ec-99bf02a42b4e" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="73270e96-275e-4d10-9184-c98125866794"
      9. /dev/sdj1: LABEL="disk1" UUID="f75b0a6d-7d31-4e9f-b8ea-f3031742b32a" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="e90def2e-f88d-4b63-a63e-088a76919fca"
      10. /dev/sdb1: LABEL="diskPar01" UUID="2008b1cc-e95f-483b-9d10-463cc7505e22" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="31d307ed-e6da-4d7f-91bf-fcddd9d1db51"
      11. /dev/sdc1: LABEL="disk4" UUID="136198eb-06ee-4e07-8998-dab89c440cd3" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="5d74b2b3-3bc7-4db9-8f0b-577327b4b10a"
      12. /dev/loop0: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      13. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-pool: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      14. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-4f43a273345350bb94d1b8faa78c47bbc2ce83f744202b1b9b10552437334099: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      15. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-b498b70c82dfdaff2c5ceb8d09ca46ec30b33754f25a82fe7d1c546d55ec614a: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      16. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-943c9d91e6bae641c7c0c1ed202dfa5566c5de9c1cb127e29d0ab40f0fcfd6fe: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      17. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-b947fbba9db9bfac828b3e6127d388ef435b0e39407eea75c1c5bfc12059978a: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      18. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-12489d923b5ee45201258b8f8f760bf3dd4f7293f841e75cc3cd9a140badcc14: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      19. /dev/mapper/docker-8:161-4327942-52f21e468337b2624d6e37e173db43f43cb361fbf92a34c721570575c3126143: UUID="cc77eaa3-42d6-4873-8f0e-2a35f0ea698e" TYPE="xfs"
      20. /dev/sdi1: PARTUUID="5305c6d4-0f4f-4946-ba99-973f8784f52e"
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