Problem i cannot delete a filesystem to create a new one.

    • OMV 0.3

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    • Problem i cannot delete a filesystem to create a new one.

      My version is 3.16.0-0.bpo.4-amd64

      I had a previous problem when resizing the raid, i could add a new disk to complete 48 TB, but when i try to resize the filesystem created with md0 device i couldnt, this was a known issue with the resize tool on this version on debian.
      So i decided to delete the filesystem and create a new one, but when i try with the OMV gui, i have no option to delete, only resize (that gives the error).
      So, i went to the console, unmounted the filesystem and deleted the partition with fdisk, but on the web i have still the same problem, i can't do nothing with this filesystem. I also deleted/disable the NFS shares related to that FS, but gives me an error too, because it try to mount the FS after deleting the share and gives error ¿?

      I checked the config.xml file, but i dont know what files modify, or how to reload the services properly, and i dont want to mess the other configuration on my OMV.

      ¿How i can delete and create the FS correctly?