Server build 3;What are your thoughts?

    • OMV 3.x
    • Server build 3; hopefully final build.

      Server build 3; hopefully final build. HP 6200 Pro Small Form Factor PC with Intel Core i3-2120…037900/document/c02779493

      Questions (Venturing into my unknown)

      LVM or just one BIG volume?
      Current mount-points:
      Media/ (PLEX)
      Store/ (Storage)
      Child/ (Daughter's Video captures for her YouTube)
      Picture/ (My Photography)
      Future/ (not yet)

      btrfs seems to have advantages. I think having the 8TB of snapshots brings comfort to this venture. What am I risking on this cutting-edge?

      Cloud; how can I use this remotely?

      Sometime I wold like to have a synced duplicate of this server at another location. Both servers will be on consumer/home networks. How?


      Services will be:
      Apple File Services
      Virtual Box (To toy with)
      Cloud Storage (Not sure what OMV's tools are for this)

      This box fits 3 drives snugly (SATA 2)
      Three 5TB drives placed in RAID 5 (9TB of storage) (Good by SnapRAID)
      One 8TB drive connected to the remaining SATA, placed externally. This drive will hold snapshots of data.
      One 3TB drive connected by USB2 used as TimeMachine volume.

      OMV 4.x on intel

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