My OMV ZFS Xeon build

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    • My OMV ZFS Xeon build

      Hello I'm a new OMV convert. A little background before getting to my build.

      I have had a Dlink dns323 with two Seagate 500gb drives of family photos, videos, documents and other stuff. They are in a mirror and are full. So no redundancy or backup should one drive fail. I have been worried for some time now that it is going to fail and I'll lose all that stuff. Just haven't had the funds to build this. For 10 years or so the dns323 has been humming along nicely though. Had a spare seagate drive fail in my ubuntu desktop that really got me to take the dive.

      Over the last few months i have been purchasing the parts for my NAS. I've been researching NAS os over the past few years. Starting with NAS4free even before being aquired by iX. FreeNAS, openmediavault, rockstor, and Ubuntu server among others. I bought the parts to build it for FreeNAS. But held an open mind while I researched the others. I mainly focused on the file system benefits and negatives of each.

      With BTRFS still having bugs not worked out I couldn't trust it. So i have come back to FreeNAS with ZFS. My goal is to have much larger capacity, speed, redundancy and backup. I know RAID is not backup. I plan to use the dns323 to back up the new FreeNAS system with a larger drive.

      I have had my OMV3 system running for about 3 weeks now. It first started out as a freenas system for a day. Then i switched to nas4free for a few days. A few minor issues mainly with gui on phone in freenas. And nothing really with nas4free.

      Each one of those i set up a ZFS raidz2 file system. Had to install nas4free twice as it wasn't allowing me to browse the SMB share. I copied over about 400gb of data from my dlink nas. Since ZFS in nas4free allows it to work in other Linux os i was in a position to make the switch to openmediavault ZFS.

      I didn't plan on switching when i started this. But i was really intrigued with OMV os using debian base and plugins. I also have a ubuntu desktop that we built. I read up on installing zfs and started the install. Everything went fine. I was able to login to the GUI and started setting up the omv-extras + zfs.

      To my surprise under the zfs tab was my raidz2 drive(s) listed. This is where i messed up. I clicked on mount and it said it was mounted. So i setup my smb share. When i tried to go to the share on my computers it wasn't listed and wouldn't connect.

      Since my data is still on my dlink nas I wasn't worried about losing it. So i installed OMV again. Not sure if something got corrupted on first install (a reoccurring theme with each install including nas4free).

      This time, all worked! Mounted the zfs drive. I think this time i got the "apply" notice. Clicked apply, setup smb share to the zfs drive. On my computers i was able to see the share, logged in and all the files were there from my nas4free setup.

      ****With that out of the way, here is my build****
      A bit Overkill I'm sure just as a NAS. But I've been looking at installing owncloud. And my wife has already asked me about virtualbox. All of this is headless. No monitor as the motherboard has ipmi. However, i found out that using an old monitor via vga it shows up on the too even though the cpu doesn't have on board video!

      I think that is all for now. I have some photos to post once i figure it out.