log2ram - ERROR: /var/log.hdd/ doesn't exist! Can't sync

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    • log2ram - ERROR: /var/log.hdd/ doesn't exist! Can't sync

      Hi all,

      I have OMV running fine on my Odroid C2, apart from daily emails from Anacron:

      Source Code

      1. /etc/cron.daily/log2ram:
      2. ERROR: /var/log.hdd/ doesn't exist! Can't sync.
      3. run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/log2ram exited with return code 1
      Can anyone help me fix this?
      OMV 3 (moving to 4) on Raspberry Pi 3, Odroid C2, HP Proliant N36L and N54L
    • [list]I just register, I cannot reply to you post now.
      It is the last version of log2ram you use ? (I don't have versionning, do you have the date you have install it ?)
      You can try the command : "/usr/local/bin/log2ram write"
      is you log2ram running right ? check "df -h" et look if log2ram exist.
      What to you have if you check the /var/ folder ("ls -ali /var") ?
      What is you parameter ? ("cat /etc/log2ram.conf")

      The final answer is to create the folder manually "mkdir /var/log.hdd" and redone "/usr/local/bin/log2ram write" to remake the synchronization. But if I want to avoid this issue and upgrade the log2ram tool, I will need the data asked.

      What give you "sudo service log2ram status" ?
    • Kosmatik wrote:

      The cron job tries to write a log to /var/log.hdd/ but fails due to the folder not existing.
      In other words it does no harm even if I forgot to disable the cron job as well. Currently only the start of log2ram gets disabled on the OMV Armbian variants: github.com/armbian/build/blob/…ze-image.sh.template#L102

      Should be fixed with next OMV images being build: github.com/armbian/build/commi…288a4ff6180186699fefcb947

      On already rolled out installations it's necessary to delete /etc/cron.daily/log2ram manually to prevent the script further spamming syslog and sending emails.
    • Hi
      I'm experiencing this too on my XU4, but instead of deleting the cronjob, I created the directory. The "write" function works without complaint, and the directory fills with appropriate files.

      However tkaiser, can you explain your rationale for removing the function, please?

    • vdb_peter wrote:

      However tkaiser, can you explain your rationale for removing the function, please?
      OMV has an advanced mechanism active by default called 'folder2ram'. With latest 3.5 flashmemory plugin this looks now like this (df -h):

      Source Code

      1. folder2ram 403M 1.7M 401M 1% /var/log
      2. folder2ram 403M 0 403M 0% /var/tmp
      3. folder2ram 403M 328K 402M 1% /var/lib/openmediavault/rrd
      4. folder2ram 403M 508K 402M 1% /var/spool
      5. folder2ram 403M 12M 391M 3% /var/lib/rrdcached
      6. folder2ram 403M 4.0K 403M 1% /var/lib/monit
      7. folder2ram 403M 0 403M 0% /var/lib/php5
      8. folder2ram 403M 4.0K 403M 1% /var/lib/netatalk/CNID
      How does your 'df -h' output looks like?
    • vdb_peter wrote:

      Was this to cover shortcomings of log2ram? Just attempting to understand.
      No. It was created to cover the shortcomings of fs2ram.

      vdb_peter wrote:

      And to clarify, we should disable 'log2ram' within openmediavault?
      You do not need log2ram if you are using the flashmemory plugin/folder2ram.
      omv 4.1.17 arrakis | 64 bit | 4.15 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 4.1.13
      omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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      Please don't PM for support... Too many PMs!
    • vdb_peter wrote:

      Researching 'folder2ram" I see that it was created for Openmediavault. Was this to cover shortcomings of log2ram?
      No, they try to address the same problem: Flash media wearing out too fast. Those OMV ARM images are all based on Armbian which uses log2ram (coping with /var/log/ only) so to avoid conflicts with folder2ram coping also with a lot of other 'high write activity' candidates log2ram gets deactivated by the OMV installation routine.

      But I simply forgot to remove the cron job on older OMV images so all you have to do if you get this message is a 'rm /etc/cron.daily/log2ram' and you're done.