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    • NGinx PHP server configuration

      Hello, community!

      So... I'm a begginer in OMV and am configurating my first machine. I'll use it as a file server and want to use it also as a local PHP / MySQL server.
      Here is a step-by-step of why I did and the problems I got into:
      • Installed OMV 3.0.74
      • Configured users
      • Created/configured Shared Folders and added them to SMB/CIFS
      • Updated the Plugins list
      • Installed NGinx and MySQL plugins
      • Enabled NGinx, creating a Pool and a Server (and here are the problems)
      When accessing the http://my-ovm-server-ip:8080/ (which is the port I configured) it shows the index.html that I copied to the folder it is referenced to: Nice. But when I try to run ANY PHP file, it shows me: Acess Denied.

      Details I checked and searched for:
      • NGinx folder is correctly referenced (showing the index.html is proof of it)
      • NGinx server has PHP enabled
      • NGinx has permission to access files (the Pool is has both User and Group set to www-data, and this user has permissions to read/write in the Shared Folder)
      • Searching for the problem, I found that it could (maybe) be some PHP-FPM configuration (search for security.limit_extensions), but when I was going through the files in the SSH I wasn't sure which one to change
      • The Acess Denied returns a 403 Forbidden code, but the HTML contains only the text Access Denied, nothing else
    • Hello!

      Thanks for the tips! And also, sorry for taking so much time to answer...

      I did try to connect to check for permissions... It's all allowed, and, BTW, www-data is the owner.

      BUT, after just accessing the links again, worked!

      Not sure if I did some command that allowed it, but it's working. Sorry for bothering. You live and you learn.

      Thanks once again.