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    • OpenVPN with provider

      Hello all, completely new user who discovered Linux with OMV few days ago. As such, I do not know a single thing about CLI and managed to do everything in WebGUI (rsync, usb backup, Raid, torrent, etc)... Until now.

      I have a VPN provider, and would like to use for with OpenVPN. I was not able to make it work with the WebGUI, specifically was not able to download the key and cert of my VPN provider and suspect I have to use CLI or SSH to make it work. My VPN provider gave me all the config files necessary, a .cert, .key, some .conf, a .opvn...

      Is there a quick guide or someone who can help me with the commands to use ? I have read almost everything that is on the internet on that subject but since I discovered Debian and lines of commands 4 days ago it might as well be chinese I don't understand a single thing (but intend to learn and eventually know all about it).

      Thanks a lot in advance
    • All right, here are the things I did :

      _First I understood the difference between client and server, something that is not emphasized enough (or at all) in most of the sources. I want to establish my OMV as a client, and it turns out that almost everything in the internet is for setting a server. Nevertheless I managed to gather the little information there is.

      _So I took the files my VPN provider gave me, the crt/key/pem etc, and transfered them with WinSCP in /etc/openvpn

      _Then I started openvpn; didn't work, cipher list does not match, turns out openvpn 2.2.1 is too old.

      _I use this openvpn tutorial to upgrade to latest openvpn 2.4.2 on Wheezy, because the Debian repositories have 2.2.1 as latest

      _It almost works. No more cipher error, it almost connects, but I get an error at the end :

      Source Code

      1. /sbin/ifconfig tun0 add fyu0:d1d1:cafe::1194::1004/64
      2. SIOCSIFADDR: Permission denied
      3. Exiting due to fatal error

      I am running the openvpn start command as root and with sudo.

      edit :

      Ok I made it work by doing

      Source Code

      1. sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0

      openvpn or ifconfig was trying to setup some ipv6 which was apparently not supported. Fixed now with no ipv6.

      Initialization Sequence completed as I started openvpn, only that the program was hanging... No possibility to write a new command. So I stopped with ctrl + c and added --daemon at the end of the openvpn start command. It correctly starts and I could write commands again right after.

      VPN seems to work as if I traceroute I start at an adress of 10.x.x.x with a completely different route as before.

      Thanks... I do hope this will be useful to someone somewhere sometimes.

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