/dev/root full on Raspberry PI3b

    • OMV 3.x

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    • /dev/root full on Raspberry PI3b

      I have a Raspberry PI 3 Model B running the OMV 3.0.79 build for it on a 16 GB class 10 sd card. I keep cleaning the logs in /var/log; but one of the filesystem on disk is alwyas at very high disk usage (/dev/root). I am not able to login and i suspect its due to the disk full(or a filesystem full) problem agian.

      I have Plex and transmission bittiorrent installed as plugins and have tried to move most of the config folders to the attached devices. I am assuming that there are still some metafiles, incomplete downloads, or other kinds of files that are being used by these programs and using a lot of disk space. Need help on cleaning the file system. Please advise if there is a better solution or maybe this is not the real problem.

      Please advise.

      thanks in advance.