ftp Amcrest cameras and /dev/mmcblk0p2 OMV disk filling up on raspberry Pi3

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    • ftp Amcrest cameras and /dev/mmcblk0p2 OMV disk filling up on raspberry Pi3

      I use OMV 3.0.63 to store stills from 2 x Amcrest Pro HD cameras to a backup directory via ftp to a Raspberry Pi3 and a 1TB Western Digital drive. It all works great apart from after about a week I am unable to access OMV via the web interface. I did a clean install and the /dev/mmcblk0p2 OMV disk was at 1.69GB used. After a few days it was at 2.23GB used so something is filling up the OMV partition and I think its the logs. I have monitoring disabled and only ftp, smb/CIFS and SSH enabled. I figured it was the OMV disk partition getting filled that was preventing web access (but I could be wrong).
      I deleted the system/Daemon/Authentication logs (they went up to qty 2001) and the used space went down to 2.07GB, so some success, but not down to the original 1.69GB and still increasing. If it is the logs, is there any way I can stop them or move them, although moving them will only slow the problem down. Some of the logs I can't delete such as boot so I assume they will forever increase. I have raised the question here as I am only running ftp for the 2 cameras so it might be related to ftp.
      Can anyone help. My solution for now is to re-image the SD card and start again. I have very limited knowledge on any of this and none at all on the coding side of things.

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