Easy way to snapshot the full OMV system

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    • Easy way to snapshot the full OMV system

      Hello folks,is there an EASY way to take a snapshot of the ENTIRE (RUNNING) SYSTEM and after that RESTORE it?
      It occured me that I messed up OMV system, changing something here and there, and that I was unable to come back ?( . I don't wanna use a COLD backup (like clonezilla) that needs to turn off the NAS: just at the end of the day I want come back, e.g. to the day before if something is messed up. I think that OMV Backup utility is right for that, but i didn't find the way to RESTORE the system: only found a thread explaining the RESTORE using SystemRescueCD, but I don't understand if it's the right (or the only) way <X .
      So, please, is there an angel :saint: who can provide me a STEP TO STEP guide to Backup the system and to restore it like a was going back in a taken SNAPSHOT of a VM machine, while the system itself keeps on running?
      Thanks in advance
      Massimo from Italy
    • There is no way to restore a running system. The backup plugin does the live clone but you don't want to restore it when the system is running. That is why you need something like systemrescuecd. Even a VM reverting to a snapshot does not keep running. If it was that easy, the backup plugin would do it :)

      You could also install Debian using the btrfs filesystem for the OS drive. This would allow you to snapshot the OS drive and revert from the snapshot. You would still need a reboot though.

      In reality, you just need to test changes/updates before applying them to a production machine OR run OMV in a VM.
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