USB disks no longer working after unplug from OMV3, PLEASE HELP!

    • OMV 3.x

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    • USB disks no longer working after unplug from OMV3, PLEASE HELP!

      Hi, here is what happened:

      I installed and successfully run OMV on Raspberry pi 3, then connected 2 1TB disks:

      WD Elements FAT32
      Toshiba OSX journaled

      Created a File System and could watch the disks, then unfortunately unplugged the two disk without unmount.
      OMV3 got corrupted and I had to do a fresh installation.
      The disks are no longer visible on OSX, Win, Linux nor OMV.
      One seems completely dead although it spins and get very very hot
      The second when connected to OSX gives me "USB Accessories Disabled Unplug the accessory too much power to re-enable USB devices",
      on Raspberry pi "usb 1-1-port2: over-current change"
      please help, all my data are in there!
    • If you're gonna use Rpi is recommended first a decent quality power supply for te rpi and a decent powered USB hub.
      About the disks not much we can do if they are failed.
      Btw Omv usage is to have the disks constantly plugged as a nas not a laptop or pc.
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      openmediavault discord server
    • I did connect the disks to different boxes:

      WIN: one disk spins but doesn't show up, the other doesn't even spin
      OSX: same as WIN
      Linux: same as WIN
      Router: when connected to router bith disks spin like crazy but I can't access them

      I did recover some data from another disk, but now I'd like to recover the disks and do a RAID 1 on my OMV; how do I do?