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    • Docker in the GUI vs. CLI

      What is the benefit with using the OMV docker gui versus hitting the CLI and setting up docker? Any limits it imposes on using docker?

      As a fairly experienced admin with a new OMV install for home use I am often struggling with "do I do it the OMV way" or do I just pop to the CLI? I have tried to stick with the GUI as I have found that some things (snapraid/mergefs/renaming file systems) did not seem to reflect in the GUI and I like the ease at which some less technical household members can check on things and even make some changes without me. I can get impatient with the GUI, but I am trying. :P
    • The plugin can't do everything. For example it can only run containers in daemon mode as you realice by now the web framework doesn't allow interactive. It also doesn't have all the run options, just the most common ones. Any extra arguments can be passed in the bottom field.
      Network creation also doesn't exist in the plugin. If you want the full docker stack in GUI you can use portainer.

      One of the good things of the plugin is the ability of "modify" containers. Which basically picks up the running container settings, delete this running container and creates a new one with the old options plus the ones you want to add.
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    • How can I combine the CLI and GUI usage?
      E.g. download container from repo using GUI, then run it with all required params via CLI, afterwards, update the image using CLI as well (since I haven't found such option in GUI).
      I mean, that system docker .deb package and OMV docker plugin should point to the same folders.

      As I understood, common CLI docker uses /var/lib/docker/ folder. So that I need to mount this path to some folder on my drive and point OMV GUI docker to use the same folder?