Pinned Windows shares / samba Trouble shooting

    • OMV 3.x (stable)

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    • innovater1 wrote:

      After re-installing for the eleventy-first time (I think it was 5 total), it seems to be working.

      I simply had to let it sit after the install.

      OMV does state that it is finished and it is going to reboot and to remove the install media for boot up.

      It seems that after a minute or so of it sitting, I just pushed the reboot button on the computer.

      BIG MISTAKE! HUGE!!! (Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman, 1990)

      My infinite wisdom tells me that when it said it was done, it was done. Not so.

      It seems there are still scripts running that need to finish before it reboots.

      Anyway, If you would like to keep your idiot from shining, JUST LET IT SIT! It will reboot on its own!


      THANK YOU,

      I did a new install, and had the exact same problem. Spent countless hours scouring forums and troubleshooting. I was about to give up, then i read your post, and 10 minutes later everything was working OOB!!