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      I make a new DIY NAS with OMV 3.x for create my personal cloud with 250Gb HDD. I have an other NAS of Lenovo EZ-Media 2TB that I use as media server.
      what can I do the backup of OMV in a shared folder of Lenovo NAS? slow, no? ideas?
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      Dropkick Murphy wrote:

      Think about rsync
      But how it work? use samba or other? How to configure?There are those protocols in Lenovo EZ-Media : LINK [CIFS/SMB/Rally (Microsoft), NFS (Linux/UNIX), AFP Bonjour (Apple), FTP, SFTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, WebDAV, Windows DFS, SNMP]
      There is a lot information to find on the web about rsync. And while it has some great possibilities for back up purposes I am afraid it will be hard to use it on your Lenovo. To use rsync it needs to be implemented on both the source and target box. I owned one of those Lenovo's for a short time and I can't recall the implementation of rsync. Another problem is the fact that running rsync tasks are a bit of a workload for the processor, while the processor of the Lenovo is not al that powerful. And the memory is not very big as well (not as big of a problem). One of the methods to use rsync, is rsync over SSH. That makes the exchange of SSH keys needed. SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is implemented but I don't know of you have a fully SSH shell available on the Lenovo. Try to use Putty or a likewise tool to access your box with SSH and see what happens.
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      Boia11 wrote:

      There are those protocols in Lenovo EZ-Media : LINK
      If you use the search function on your link
      and search for 'rsync' there are 3 hits:

      When you go to 'Adding Copy Jobs' it seems that rsync is supported

      P.S. Don´t know how to link to this page directly.
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