Can't import virtual machine

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    • Can't import virtual machine

      I thought I test the virtualbox plugin, I got 3 errors but I only have two screenshots. The first one had to do when I enabled virtualbox. Sorry, I can't remember what that was. Anyway I'm trying to import an old virtualbox machine I have in another share. I thought I could do it manually first by going to the new virtualbox share that I created, but again, it changes the rights on that folder from root to virtualbox so I can't manually access it. IF that's how this is suppose to work, I don't mind, but I then went to the phpvirtualbox, click file, import appliance, went to the share that contains the folder with my old virtualbox files but I could not go down any further to choose the specific file. I just can't see the individual files in that folder to import. Anyway I just thought I show this to you guys.
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