multipath disks get device paths duplicated

    • OMV 3.x
    • multipath disks get device paths duplicated

      Hi fellas,
      I'm using OMV 3.x distro as a VM, I provided some HDDs via iSCSI (I need volumes larger than 2TB each).
      Everything good via Debian 8.8: I performed manual setup via iscsiadm, multipath labels them correctly /dev/dm-x
      The problem with OMV is that duplicated the devices, even though they do have obviously the same Serial Number:

      [Blocked Image:]

      For that reason /dev/dm-x ought be supported.

      How to deal with that? Do you use OMV as a VM?
      Any advice? Thanks

      Johnny R.
    • I cannot use the /dev/dm-0 disk
      I had to create a New Filesystem via gui, on a blank iSCSI disk.
      The device selection is right, iSCSI disks are listed via Device mapper, excluded the already existing partition i created maually
      I have to sync files via terminal from dm-0 to dm-1

      Johnny R.