Slow transfer speeds

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    • Slow transfer speeds


      I'm new to linux and have just set up omv on a atom n270 1.6GHz board with 2 Gb of ram. I'm running omv of an old IDE 4GB dom and have a 4GB sata dom for storage (just for testing).

      I have set up FTP and enabled my ports on the router so that my friend can access it, which he can. I have told him to upload a large file so we can see the speed and also how much cpu and memory is used during the upload time. the upload speed is between 40 and 120 KBS which seems very slow to me. he is using filezilla to transfer the file across.
      Can you help me?

      P.S. He's on sky 30Mb I'm on virgin media 60MBs.
      OMV 0.4.28 (Fedaykin) 32 Bit
      Intel atom n270 1.6GHz, 2Gb 533HMz, 4GB IDE dom
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    • Re: Slow transfer speeds

      I would test it locally before testing it over the internet. Plus, those are your download speeds for your ISPs. What is the upload speed of Sky? If it is 4mb like my charter connection, then upload won't be more than about 500k/s.
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    • Re: Slow transfer speeds

      Sky is dsl from what I've seen talking to other Brits. Most providers do not give a very fast upload rate and dsl providers are even slower. If you host servers they want you to pay more for the upload bandwidth. On a home lan your speeds will be much better, obviously. You are at the mercy of the ISP providers, at both connections sites, when doing things over the net.
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