organizing media library

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    • organizing media library

      Hi all,

      I was curious to get some input, as I'm sure most of us here have sizeable media collections (think TV, movies, music).

      I'm pretty obsessive-compulsive when it comes to "tagging"- all my MP3s have full ID3 info from musicbrainz etc., I use filebot: amc script or do by hand all my movies/TV etc and I always collect full albums, series, movie set, trilogy, whatever.

      It really bugs me for things not to be tagged properly the way I like them.

      So, I have an anthology of a particular producer on BBC, Adam Curtis, which contains pieces he's produced for the BBC spanning the last 30+ years. Many of the entries in the anthology would comprise a single episode in a series of short documentaries or opinion pieces presented by the BBC. The full series' either do not interest me or are far too obscure to bother finding.

      So I'm curious to know how you'd organize these files. Normally I'd put them through filebot: amc or similar, but doing this will leave me with about a dozen superflous entries in my "tv shows" library which only contain a single episode.... My thought was to just place them all into a folder and create a playlist called "Adam Curtis Anthology" or similar.

      However, I thought maybe there is another option I may have missed. How would you organize these files??

      Thank in advance. My htpc is just an rpi/3 running libreelec.
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