MySQL wrong path ?

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    • MySQL wrong path ?


      I had OMV 2.2.14 and decided to start fresh on 3.0.86 so I just reinstalled on my system drive. Just to clear things up I formatted the system drive with GParted to be really sure I started anew so there is no traces whatsoever of my old OMV settings.
      So far so good except for MySQL plugin.

      In 2.2.14 the databases were stored on a shared folder on my RAID1 but now it seems on 3.0.86 the databases are stored on system drive in /var/lib/mysql. No problem for me I didn't really have anything in it.

      So I just enabled the plugin and created a new database for jeedom contained on a docker.

      The docker is running fine except that when I try to load the webGUI of jeedom (I changed the port 80 to avoid conflict with OMV WebGUI) I get the following error :

      SQLSTATE[HY000] [2003] Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (113) was my old OMV 2.2.14 adress but I moved to with 3.0.86. How is it possible that the MySQL database uses my old OMV 2.2.14 settings ? I did not import anything, just started fresh a new MySQL plugin and databases. And how can I change that path to the new adress ?


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    • Ok I fixed the problem.

      I have a shared folder on my RAID1 named jeedom that contains everything jeedom related and that I point in Host path when creating the Docker image. Turns out when I recreated the Docker container on my new OMV I pointed to that same folder in Host path and the settings in that shared folder Jeedom were still from my old OMV. I stopped and deleted the Docker container for jeedom, deleted and recreated the shared folder jeedom, and rerun the Docker image for jeedom with Host path for the new shared folder jeedom and now it works.

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