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      In building my new OMV system I've discovered the following:
      • With monitoring disabled (in my case due to a USB boot drive being used) the NUT plugin errors on installation, then causes errors to be displayed on the GUI all the time, and again errors on uninstallation.
      • With monitoring temporarily re-enabled, installation is error free, similarly there are no errors in the GUI.
      • Disabling monitoring again once the NUT plugin is installed does not introduce any further errors.
      What I don't yet know is whether the NUT plugin will actually work with monitoring disabled: either at all or in part (I don't much care for the pretty graphs which I'm almost certain won't work, what I do want however is for a graceful shutdown to be triggered after the UPS running on battery for x minutes) - I won't be able to test this until I physically relocated my new NAS to near the UPS I'm hoping it will work with! Any thoughts on this before I do, ie. is monitoring essential for UPS interaction?


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    • What UPS do you have? A workaround is to just install their software for linux, usually it's not too difficult to configure via the command line.
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    • SimonW500 wrote:

      the NUT plugin errors on installation,
      In my experience, there are no errors on installation when the UPS is connected to the OMV system. My first attempt was without a connection and I also got errors while pushing the 'Save'-button.

      SimonW500 wrote:

      With monitoring temporarily re-enabled,
      Do you mean 'Remote monitoring' in the control panel?

      SimonW500 wrote:

      What I don't yet know is whether the NUT plugin will actually work with monitoring disabled:
      If I check my services I get this:
      [ + ] nut-client
      [ + ] nut-server
      [ - ] ups-monitor

      With this settings my UPS works flawlessly. I assume the ups-monitor service is related to "Remote monitoring". This is only important, if the UPS is used for several systems and they want to monitor the UPS state via ethernet, for example with 'WinNUT' from a MS Windows.
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