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    • remote mount - offline shares


      I have mounted 2 shares from my synology diskstation for backup-purposes with rsync. This all works fine.

      After the backup the DS is shut down for saving energy.

      The problem is, that after the shares of the DS are gone i get error messages when i try to access the file system tab "Dateisysteme" in the web gui.

      after several of the picture above i get this message (what I already knew)

      Is there an option to avoid this problem or just to let the shares be offline ... ?

      Or is there another way to mount the shares of an external server. I do not want to use rsync via ssh due to lower performance.

      Greats Karl
    • If you start and stop your server a lot, I wouldn't use autofs. Nothing but problem at work. We are currently switching 4000+ VMs back to using fstab.
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    • Meanwhile there are several reasons which leads to this 'communication error'. But particularly frequent in the 'file system' section (disks in standby, ZFS scrub, use of remote mount plugin while the remote host is not available....).

      For me this is a conceptual thing. I am surprised that there is no comment from the developer @votdev.

      I would be interested to know, whether it is inteded to change anything or not? Otherwise I am quite sure we get this kind of posts also in the future.
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    • I now checked the situation.

      For my backup every night the share of my diskstation is availble when it is started. So there are no problems except the errors in the gui.

      But what happens if I restart the OMV and the diskstation is offline? I think it does not mount the DS when it is started, right ?

      This is also the same when i put it into the fstab manually i think ?

      Greets Karl
    • @Karle I use OMV mainly as a backup device for three Windows 10 systems. They share the relevant drives and these are mounted on OMV using remote mount. The trouble is that one of them is a laptop so might be in standby or physically not there! In either of these cases, I get exactly the same problem with communications failure trying to view file systems.

      I can't see anyway to tell OMV that this file system is temporarily not available. Is it possible to unmount the remote mount either in the GUI or on the console/SSH? If so, does anyone know how to go about it? lsblk-l and df don't show the remote mount.

      I am using OMV 3 on an RPi3 using the official image.
    • As far as my problem with the laptop is concerned, I do the backup for this manually as weekly is sufficient. So this bypass works for me:
      1. Check the mount point on OMV root (I use mount)
        // on /srv/6c12ad5d-36ad-44eb-95cb-6d6dc3c2b87f type cifs ...

      2. Unmount the share using the “lazy” option (which means wait until it is not busy).
        umount -l /srv/6c12ad5d-36ad-44eb-95cb-6d6dc3c2b87f
      3. Check file systems on OMV GUI - it should show as not mounted.
      4. When the next backup is due, fire up the laptop then issue mount -a on OMV root, then check it is showing in OMV file systems in web GUI as mounted.
      5. Run backups as normal.
      6. Unmount as in step 2.
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