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      I have installed latest OMV and configured SnapRaid and MergerFS.
      I have an external harddisk which I have all of my backup stuff.
      So I started by creating an MergerFS pool and created an RSync Module pointing to a location on the pool.
      I then copied the files with Rsync from the external backup harddisk to the pool.
      I have a pool of four harddisk in the poo,, but it looks like only one of the harddisks was mostly used for the the files as now one of the drives is almost full while the other are not yet half full.
      Is this how it should be?
      Is there any command to adjust the imbalance and spread the files more evenly between the drives?

      Here is also a notice I get about this issue:

      Resource limit matched Service fs_srv_dev-disk-by-label-DISK1

      Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2017 05:40:22
      Action: alert
      Description: space usage 99.4% matches resource limit [space usage>85.0%]

      Cesar da Silva
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      No, I don't. Here is an ls of all of the drives including the Pool for referens.

      cesar@nas:/srv$ ls dev-disk-by-label-DISK1
      lost+found Media Nextcloud snapraid.parity Virtualbox
      cesar@nas:/srv$ ls dev-disk-by-label-DISK2
      Logs Media snapraid.conf.bak snapraid.content.lock
      lost+found snapraid.conf snapraid.content Virtualbox
      cesar@nas:/srv$ ls dev-disk-by-label-DISK3
      lost+found Media snapraid.conf snapraid.conf.bak snapraid.content
      cesar@nas:/srv$ ls dev-disk-by-label-DISK4
      Files lost+found OMV-Backup snapraid.conf snapraid.content tmp
      cesar@nas:/srv$ ls c908b475-65da-4325-ac82-1a48b8dcd4c6/
      Files Media snapraid.conf snapraid.content.lock Virtualbox
      Logs Nextcloud snapraid.conf.bak snapraid.parity
      lost+found OMV-Backup snapraid.content tmp