File manager for Window -> (no copying files throught windows)

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    • File manager for Window -> (no copying files throught windows)



      I looking for a windows file manager that would work like on the OMV lever like the MC.

      Now when I`m managing files on the OMV then I`m accessing the server via putty, after loging in i`m starting MC (midnight commander ) and then when I move files the the transfer is immediate.
      When I try to do the same via SMB access (windows) or via WinSCP (creating to sessions) then the files go throught windows .. coping from one place to another. Not like in the MC.

      Is there a client for Windows doing the same stuff like the MC for OMV
      Asrock QC500M
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      penetratore wrote:

      Cloud Commander could be a solution but is there a manual how to instal it under OMV?
      Don't think so. But OMV is based on Debian, so you can install it from the CLI using the instructions for Debian.

      Wolf2000 wrote:

      Maybe that fits
      Midnight Commander for Windows:
      I think he is looking for something where you can copy NAS --> NAS without having Windows involved. I assume with MC for Windows you would copy NAS --> Windows --> NAS. Same as for FileZille and WinSCP.
      To be able to copy NAS --> NAS you need the file manager running on the NAS and use Windows only for the GUI. This is the case for MC for Linux, eXtplorer, Cloud Commander and webmin.
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      Sorry for asking stupic question but i`m rather noob in linux ... I can make copy, paste and enter ... :)

      on the cloud commander I see under dabian the instruction

      $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
      -------- For Node.js v7 Version --------
      $ curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
      $ sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

      it dosn`t run on the first command, when I try to execute it on my root@OMV:
      Please help? :)
      Asrock QC500M