HP microserver Gen10

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      and already set backup plugin with 2 external usb 3.0 hard drive formatted in ntfs that point to the rsnapshot hard disk so they will aslo get a portable backup with incrementals directly on ntfs partition that can plug and play on their windows machine and recover also something that they f*cked up in the trashcan aswell :D.
      If it wasn't for the "plug and play Windows" requirement I'd advise against NTFS drives for backup. NTFS write support via fuse is heavily CPU dependent. So I suspect the backups will be quite slow, USB3 or not.I'd recommend FAT32, but that limits the file (and disk) size too much.
      If you do not expect files above 4GiB, you may format partitions above 32GB with FAT32 under Linux, windows reads those fine too - it just does not create them. YMMV.
      Yep unfortunately was a request to have it windows ready, but I guess I can't use fat32, they work on big files 3d and such, (I have to ask though) so I guess the NTFS is the only viable solution, exfat is excluded because no "journaling", also I guess is the same problem with ntfs on speed, in the end if the only problem will be slowness I guess they have to wait :D to have everything, but I will double check the 4 gig limit with them..

      I just thought go directly with ntfs because I didn't want to have any trouble with them saying, oh I have this one file but now the backup doesn't work :°D, especially because they are not really tech savy and I will not have to much time to fix every single mistake they make.
      (I'm not an IT guy by profession :D I do this for free to help them out..I just couldn't stand what another "professional IT guy\company" did manage to give them for almost 3 time the price of this unit..was a piece of junk falling apart...literally..so I just offered to build a more clear and solid solution for them with this unit and the great omv on top of it for free, so..I guess if the drawback is a bit of slowness in the portable backup they can handle it...especially in confront of the piece of junk it will substitute)

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