Unable to access my FTP shares.

    • OMV 0.3

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    • Unable to access my FTP shares.

      OMV 3.X has been working great over the last few weeks other than slow transfer rates. Today I tried to access my shares from a Windows 10 laptop just like before and I am now getting a permission denied message. I do keep up with the regular stable updates and have used OMV since version 2.X, but this is a fresh install of 3.X I started about a month ago. I have also checked to make sure my ports are still being forwarded.

      The reason I am using FTP is because Samba seemed to be much slower than it was when I used it with Windows 7 and version 2.X. After making the switch to FTP I did not see much of a difference, but I am not to worried about that. Right now I just need to get my shares back up. Also, as you can see it was working at one point because I have a mapped ftp drive.

      The funny thing is it shows that I am already logged in.

      Thank You for your help.

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    • Update.....

      I re-built the shares, I can access all of my files through Samba, but FTP loges in then drops the connection due to password or user name problems as best I can tell. This is all over the local network and i do have access to the ports.

      The best I can tell is this is some sort of bug... It started right after an update... I never changed a thing. I only do stable updates and never community updates.

      I would love some support here, but this thread has been up for a weeks now with no reply. I guess it is time to start looking at other software. Something that has better support / community or works more often than not. Maybe both.