CrashPlan Ending Home Service

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    • CrashPlan Ending Home Service

      Just found out today that CrashPlan is ending their home service and will only be offering small business and enterprise business service. They are partnering with Carbonite and offering 50% off to CrashPlan users, but I don't see were Carbonite will work with Linux (specifically OMV).

      So, I guess I have two questions. First, is anyone currently using Carbonite to backup their media files from OMV in a headless environment? Second, any recommendations on a good cloud backup service that works well with OMV?

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    • Backblaze?

      From Lifewire:
      Backblaze is my favorite online backup service, mostly because everything about it is so simple, especially its pricing and software.
      I also like that there are no file size limits, meaning you can finally back up your 100 GB virtual machine files and 3-hour 4K videos!
      Backblaze is $5 /month /computer and allows an unlimited amount of storage. The cost can get down to a monthly $3.96 with a two-year plan purchase. This makes Backblaze one of the least expensive unlimited backup plans that I've reviewed.

      "Duplicati" supports B2 cloud storage and could be a solution ?

      but Backblaze charges pr. Gb

      and a rough calculation:

      2000Gb initial upload
      10gb pr month upload
      0 Gb delete
      5Gb monthly download
      24Month period

      $257.40/24 months

      that's $10.7 pr. month and Crashplan smb is $10 via the link..
      If I search for Crashplan small business on google and look at pricing the premium is $8
    • Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Been using Crashplan for quite a while and not exactly happy about the change. Looking at their blog announcement, there are also MANY others not happy. I would love to use Backblaze but the fact that there isn't a Linux client kinda sucks. I'm currently backing up about 4.5 TB of data (granted the bulk of that is video which doesn't really NEED to be backed up). I'd say I'd remotely mount the drives to a Windows VM or something and then upload from there, but I think the Backblaze client detects that it's not an actual installed hard drive. Thankfully I have until May(ish) 2018 until my subscription expires. If I take them up on their convert to the small business plan and take the 75% off for the first 12 months, it would actually be cheaper than Crashplan Home Pro for that 12 months for one device. That gives me until May 2019 to find a suitable replacement. Although right now, even at $120 a month for the SB plan (it's $10 a month per device), it's cheaper than other cloud options that currently support Linux (S3, Wasabi, B2, etc).
    • I also read this news today - disappointed since Crashplan has been working great for my OMV box. I may take them up on the offer to convert to Crashplan for Small Business. With the 75% discount, that is $30 for an extra year of unlimited cloud backup. The only thing that I'd be losing is the ability to backup to another computer, since the SB version does not support that.

      If I do go with their offer, I'll have plenty of time to consider alternatives such as:
      1. IDrive
      2. Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage with one of the clients listed on their integrations page
    • The same here for me, looks like I will be switching to small business for the first year.

      Someone already tough of backup directly to Amazon Glacier Storage? I am sure there are enough developers in the community to find a good way to do this.

      I am not familiar enough with backup techniques and Amazon pricing to decide if this would be a good decision. But I am pretty sure companies like CrashPlan doesn't have their own cloud anyway.
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    • baldman wrote:

      Has anyone here been using the Duplicati plugin?
      I tested Duplicati to backup to Amazon Drive. Worked fine. However I did not find a way, to backup encrypted files individually, just as archives.
      Amazon Drive is offering unlimited storage for EUR 70 / year. As I am also using CrashPlan, I might change to Amazon Drive.
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    • Unlimited, always a scam. Show me an unlimited HD and I'll buy into one of those plans.

      To elaborate, if you take your data seriously don't buy an "unlimited" plan.

      As I say, there is no unlimited hard drive. This marketing tactic is a blatant scam- personally I don't give my money to people who greet me with misrepresentations. :)

      And, we all know too well, not all forms of storage are equal.
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    • macom wrote:

      However I did not find a way, to backup encrypted files individually, just as archives.
      What do you mean?.... Duiplicati compresses and encrypts the data into 50mg files then automatically uploads them individually?

      I've just tested backing up 500GB to a local USB drive and it worked great. Now I will take the USB drive to work and reconfigure it as remote backup over SFTP and see how that goes :)

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    • macom wrote:

      How to restore a single file or a single folder (in case you have to).
      From the restore section you can restore single files or folders. I have done this and it works :)

      I've finished setting up my remote Duplicati backups using SFTP, it works well. I backed up 500GB locally then moved it to a remote location for incremental backups. Duplicati performs well too. Crashplan is history (so far) :)

      The Duplicati-plugin looks good to me. OMV3 is a must though.
    • talvasta wrote:

      Great ideas. I was also thinking of setting up a VM with a windows install and then using Carbonite on that. Anybody happen to have this setup? Is it working? How's the resource usage?
      I haven't used carbonite so I can't comment on that, but setting up a Windows VM just for carbonite would use more resources than installing it directly. Perhaps you should look at the Docker plugin instead of using a VM.

      Can Carbonite be installed on Linux?... if so, you could use the Remote desktop-plugin to manage it if there is no webgui.
    • Hello,

      I think, that a good alternative to crashplan is borg-backup.
      Here: I have initiated a discussion for a specification of a backup service.
      Although this is not progressed/finalized, doing peer2peer backups already works of course. So, there is nothing stopping two peers to offer backup space to each other.

      This implemented in openmediavault would be a great solution.